Thursday, April 15, 2010

Twitter reply From Jim Carrey @jeffreylramsey I feel for ya man.Lotta folks in that spot.Happened to my dad when I was 12.I got really mad, then i started dreaming! ;^)

Thank You Jim Carrey for your compassion and advice to Dream. I already passed it down to my Kids. I haven't given up!
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My first Blog! Do you believe in karma? I can’t think of any logic to why this happen. I didn't do anything in my past that would justify this horrible accident. Karma has nothing to do with my injury or anyone else that was accidentally Shot and paralyzed, unless someone can convince me otherwise. Why did you shoot me? Read More Below:

Thank You Jim Carrey for your compassion and advice to Dream. I already passed it down to my Kids. I haven't given up!
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 I have kids? I never got that answer. THIS WILL HAPPEN TO SOMEONE YOU KNOW OR LOVE. I WANT A MANDATORY GUN SAFETY CLASS LAW PASSED, BEFORE THE STATES WILL SELL YOU GUN LICENSE, PERMITS TO CARRY A GUN, EXCLUDING THE MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN, I THINK I WOULD STILL BE WALKING AND LIVING A NORMAL HAPPY LIFE IF THIS HAD BEEN A LAW IN 97. I Had a successful business and almost died, lost my business, now I'm a cripple guy, but I still have dreams. It’s never too late, I'm forty-eight. "Only a life lived for others is a life worth wile" I designed this blog, it helps me cope. I'm trying to stay positive at getting better, and you can too. I’ll always have pain and extreme spasms, doesn't every sci patient? I have been labeled as a bad cripple by a few that I know of, because I complain about my spasms and pain a lot. I'm not suppose to do that according to a few people I interact with in the social media world, Mainly on Facebook and twitter. Its a big fat pain in the but, literally. I was shot accidentally in the back, paralyzed and almost died, but its great to be alive! It changed my life forever; Sometimes I have extreme spasms and pain; but when I can write it helps me. I want to share my Spinal cord injury, the complications and how it affects me and others. I understand why some paraplegics and quadriplegic's give up, but don’t. It may be painful at times, but you live, you will get better. Right now its 12:11pm 7/24/10 and I feeel horrible. You have to fight for what you want and need until you get it. I accepted not being able to walk again; I have no choice. Not one spinal cord injury is the same. A lot of doctors and people miss diagnose. You want always find the best doctor 1st first time around. I got worst because they refused to help. The nonbelievers won’t be receiving any support or money from me now. It took me a while and a lot of suffering before I found two very special doctors. I didn't write to complain all the time, now here comes the good part. Dr. Wallace my wound care doctor told me on 05-06-2010 that “99% of people that where in my condition would have given up and died" I was never told this, It might have scared me and changed my will to live. Read below and see what I been through and survived. Click on Dr. Wallace Picture if you want to View my wounds, caused by over working. I had pressure sores and dislocated hip joints and didn't know until it was to late, (Warning graphic Pictures) these pictures were taken after I survived the 1st stage of crucial healing. My doctors have done so much to help me live a more productive life, by prescribing the best treatment. My blog, writing, research, dietary guidelines and doctors helped the spasms and pain. The More you respect them the faster you will heal, the better you will feel. I’m receiving the best medical treatment available; I wish I could come up with the money for more, and i will. A lot of gratitude goes out to my social media family and friends for supporting my dreams and accepting my faults. It’s the magic that helps me cope. It’s ok to ask me questions.... . I want to start my business that consists of Recording, mixing bands, making my own tunes and mastering it all. I’ll be sharing my progress, asking questions and teaching tricks. Come back often to see my progress. Click the Facebook like button; it gives me strength and hope. You can add me if you like. I will be back when I feel better to update my progress and correct errors. God Bless. April 26, 2010. I found some energy, enough to lay on my side and type a few words. I'm laying on my left side where my deepest wound is located, so I have to make it quick. Its been hard for me to function from day to day. The spasms, wound care and pain is the road block. I feel like I'm not going to make it, feeling like I do now. Ill update later. I'm so far behind on projects I need or needed to do and cant. I'm getting off my side, I will check back later.


bamajeff61 said...

I was surprised Jim Carrey replied back. I want to thank him. If you ever visit my site Mr. Carrey, Thank You! I live in pain all the time especially when I have stomach spasms. The nerve damage from my spinal cord causes my back, legs and feet to hurt. They always have, and the pain level goes up and down. Pain Medicine doesn’t work well with stomach spasms but works for nerve damage and wound care and Staying regular helps stomach spasms, they cause my legs and feet to hurt and so does sitting up, I’m not sure why and the doctors aren’t 100 % on the selected areas that’s causing all my pain. Jeffrey Ramsey

bamajeff61 said...

Anonymous people are leaving messages, Not saying if they have pain and spasms or able bodied? your giving advise and have no idea what I'm dealing with, past what i writing in this blog, plus you havent met me. Your advise is welcomed but not as credible as someone thats crippled and living life as a para or quadriplegic. Leave your name. I want to know who you are, what are your health issues, past and present, before I take your advise. I dont think thats unreasonable, do you? Also I cant list my medication online. Its to dangerous to give out that information. I can say this much. I dont use illegal drugs. if you do, I want call you names or put you down. I know what pain and spasms can do to a human. You will do just about anything to stay out of pain. I found out that you can find a doctor to help. Dont use illegal drugs.

Anonymous said...
I wish I had a good response for you but aside for asking for help, which you are obviously doing online, I hope you are spending a great deal of time praying to your higher power. I would also learn to meditate, to go into the space where your mind and body are free. I can wholeheatedly recommend Holosync in addition to whatever other kind of meditation you're doing. One particularly powerful meditation you might try (and you won't see effects overnight, so take a long-term commitment to this one) is meditating of yourself receiving compassion and love and light from the universe and your body -- especially the parts of your body that are in pain -- emanating out rays of compassion, love and light back into the world, everywhere in the world. You will then become a "broadcaster/amplifier" for compassion, love and light in the world, and whatever you are pouring out into the world will have a multifold effect back to yourself. The hard part here is that you must be doing this not just for yourself but for the blessing of the world around you. Being in pain, this may be difficult because you may feel life is unfair and you're the one who needs attention but I urge you to go beyond those kinds of thoughts and allow yourself to be a vehicle for love and healing and compassion in the world. Do this and you will transcend and/or eliminate the pain.

May God bless and heal you.

June 30, 2009 9:03 AM

bamajeff61 said...

I just woke up in a lot of pain. Ty for your comments. Would you follow me: It helps me cope. Add me as your facebook friend Ty

Angie said...

You are a very brave person, I am glad not everyone gives up after something bad happens in their life. I hope the best for you!

Jeffrey Ramsey said...

I'm sorry I haven't replied in a long time, I been fighting these horrible complications with all my senses and didn't have time to catch up and reply to everyone. Its the hardest I've had to fight, after being shot.