Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shot accidentally in the back, gunshot paralyzed and now I'm fighting complications from sci, spasms, pain and sores. my dreams were shot down while doing what I loved, Entrepreneur J R Lock and Key, the worst time in my life, tragic for me

I WAS SHOT IN THE BACK, PARALYZED! No two injuries are identical, therefore no two people have the same complications. I was married for about 12 years when Nathan Aimes came in my shop on Oct 3 1997 around 5pm J.R. Lock & Key. I been a professional locksmith since 1986, anyway Nathan was showing us a gun he had purchased earlier from an unknown person. It went off and the bullet struck me in back entering my spinal cord at t-9. I looked my father in the eyes and said to him "I been shot". It felt like a belt tightening around my waist really tight. I though at first IM goanna die. It didn’t sink in with my family and friends at first then the gun went off again striking the showcase opposite of me. My ears were ringing from the bangs! Then my dad hollered out really loud "what the hell is going on"? I slowly started falling when my sister n law Missy came to check on me, she was sitting at the desk when it happened. Im holding the counter as I slowly fall to the floor, and then walked in my wife and three kids. The pain started from my waist and worked its way down my legs David Banks was calling 911 around that time.I remember Nick the man that shot me was still talking about football like it was business as Usual. The ambulance came and I remember thinking to myself please don’t let me be paralyzed. IM at the hospital now laying on the table in pain and crying, im not the type of person that likes to cry. I kept asking the doctors please give me something for pain. It seemed like hours before I could even communicate with anyone then the doctor gave me the bad news your paralyzed. Long story short my wife left about a year after the accident. Some people can’t handle it and it was best for both of us and the kids not arguing all the time. We get alone fine now.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your dilemma and find it hard to believe considering the phenomenal spinal cord doctors at the University of Miami Jackson Medical center. Try contacting Dr. Barth A. Green the chief of neurosurgery at the University of Miami and if he does not fix it himself he will refer you to a doctor with a heart near you. Dr. Green is a very charitable man who does great work not just in Miami but also in Haiti for example. Get Better.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that. Your wife did so wrong, I would never in the world do that and that is just wrong and pissed me off so much to read that. Arguments? everyone has arguments, that is why there are terapists and of course you were the one paralyzed so she should have known better. Sorry to tell you this, maybe you will get upset but i am being sincere. Good for you she is gone, she does not deserve you.

Is there any cure for sci? u think?

Anonymous said...

I'm in pain and don't have a good reply at this time, I'll be back with details and lots of heart, this is how I cope, just wish writing didn't increase my pain or I would have book written by now... Jeffrey l ramsey

Anonymous said...

No cure for sci, besides I'm to old at 48 I'm not worth saving, ask the medical field. One last short comment 2 avoid increasing the pain, for now.. Hearts out, the kind words, support is cope, I little smile are very few these past weeks....I'm a twitter not a quitter don't feel sorry I'm looking for something else, not sure, drs can't cure...

Linderloo said...

Jeff, I am so sorry that this random act of violence happened to you. I am also "upset" to hear that your wife left you! That's just terrible of her and she will gain a lot of BAD KARMA because of it. I hope that there will be some way the doctors can ease your pain very soon. You are in my thoughts. You are an inspiration...most people would have just given up. Keep on doing what you are doing, positive attitude and all, and you can always talk to us on GetGlue if you need a lift. *Virtual Hug*

Linda Sangerman

Jeffrey Ramsey said...

I'm sorry about the delay. . I just found this post, long story. If your intersested I'm still alive and fighting for my life. How are you doing?.

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