Monday, December 13, 2010

SCI Complications. To weak to update. Pain, wounds and spasms are evil

SCI Complications. Getting To weak to update. I was told to project a positive attitude, thoughts. Easier said than done. I'm going to try for two reasons. It sounds like the right thing to do and it came from important people in my life. I hate feeling this bad. My pain, wounds and spasms are evil.
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Anonymous said...

Keep on posting about your spinal cord injury, but don't forget that US combat spinal cord injured are getting the same old medicines you are!
While many know that the DoD does a great job of supplying our soldiers with body armor & armored vehicles, the truth is the DoD is only testing 'refined' fish oil overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan for mood disorders.
DoD helping THE FRENCH?

Riluzole, FDA ok'd for Lou Gehrig's disease in 1995, but 2003 report, riluzole only adds 2 months to SURVIVAL for Lou Gehrig patients on it for just a few thousand?

50,000+ on natalizumab, aka . Biogen Idec's Tysabri made in North Carolina USA.
Nat is FDA & EMEA ok'd for mutiple sclerosis. & FDA ok'd for Crohn's disease.

200 Saudi Arabians et al will get free Made in USA nat to see if it helps them with ambulatory measures in an FDA reviewed & ok'd clinical trial OVERSEAS.


A Phase IV trial so ALL 200 will get natalizumab. No ones gets a placebo!

Nat is a monoclonal antibody which binds to alpha4beta1 and alpha4beta7 on some white blood cells (leukocytes). It's action is to block that alpha4beta1 binding site.[TIAB]

Some MSers on youtube are enthusiastic about what nat has done for them? Vern Beachy & Lauren Pavrott?

1 dose of nat results in an average 6 fold increase in stem/progenitor/CD34+ cells in the bloodstream?

German researchers say 7 fold?

Canadian researchers - 2 doses of nat-like drug (an alpha4beta1 blocking dug) to crippled rats & VOILA? Standing?

But timing is critical?

Please be reminded that US combat spinal cord injured are being DENIED the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE to enter a CLINICAL TRIAL OF NAT vs the standard of care?

Sad US retired & active duty military personnel can get nat for their multiple sclerosis, but US combat spinal cord injured can't?

Bigwigs don't know about natalizumab?

Senators & Presidents standing up for a lawyer dying of cancer to get natalizumab aka Tysabri, but ALL are SILENT when it comes to US combat spinal cord injured?

Please write your elected US Federal officials & asked them to at least give US soldiers serving in Iraq & Afghanistan the FREEDOM to CHOOSE newer drugs than methylprednisolone, a sterod invented in 1959 & basically the standard of care for acute spinal cord injury?

Some docs write methylprednisolone is NOT a standar of care for acute spinal cord injury?

5 year prescribing reversal with Methyl's piss?

Unhelpful & even harmful at high doses?

Add a little Holiday cheer to those serving the USA & fighting for freedom?
Ask your Congressmen to give them their FREEDOM to choose NEWER DRUGS should they be injured in combat overseas?

Something a little better than refined fish oil, perhaps?

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Jeffrey Ramsey said...

Hello long lost supporters. I'm still here. Barely

Jeffrey Ramsey said...

Thank you for all the information. I haven't felt well enough to reply. The site is much harder to reply back on. I dont have the money needed to improve much, Ttyl.