Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pressure Sores, extreme spasms and pain is killing me and others. Is there medicine for pressure sores that actually helps? donate or not I'm trying to better my quality of life in return help others, Its my goal

Pressure Sores, extreme spasms and pain feels like it's killing me. Is there medicine out there for pressure sores that actually helps? I already consume plenty of protein. I have pictures and video of my sores going way back to giant holes to almost healed. At this time they want improve, About 1" in diameter but stable. Do you know of any medicine to speed up the healing process? Its been Two yrs without any improvement. Its my only hope then I'm able to live a better life without sores, infection, stopping me and they will. I need to be able to setup more often to take better care of myself. If I can find medicine and document from now until the sores are healed this will change peoples lives. A giant breakthrough could happen. My video of sores were taken about two years ago, are in the same condition now, located below. Please use the ads, donate or share my blog, It will help so I can better my quality of life, in return help others. What are you waiting for? Thank You, Jeffrey Ramsey

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Madison Annabella said...

Pressure ulcers are a breakdown in the skin. You want to prevent them because they can lead to very serious wounds and infection.