Friday, September 9, 2011

Bone infection almost killed me, I have some feeling in my legs and feet especially when I squeeze my legs. I think it's the reason I have so much pain and extreme spasms, sores wont heal

Bone infection almost killed me. I'll comment about this infection that almost killed me, and I continue to have pain in both hips. If I can keep fighting to live why do folks kill themselves without thinking it through? Dont do that. Maybe you could use me. I get depressed too
I'm trying to create a new and better way. I or anyone else shouldn't die with a horrible ending. I know we have to write our lives. I know it involves a lot of work, I had a successful business because I worked hard. I'm working hard now, the pain is overwhelming or I wouldn't be laying here telling you this. Hopefully I'll be the one that comes up with new techniques to better my and others lives, with your help. If you see or get anything from my blog please help anyway you can. Ty


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