Sunday, September 18, 2011

SCI Complications My food gets stuck every week, eating out and barbeque is off limits

Another Chapter in my life. If I didn't have SCI complications, Sky and beyond, no limits for me. Complications include extreme spasms, pain and sores. The Dr said this is good as it gets, A slow death sentence? Has It stopped me so far, Hell no. My food gets stuck every week. I believe its called
slow intestinal transit. Doesn't matter what I eat and drink. I can live on insure for a week, but very little improvement. I've never seen a case like this. I need to be studied more Tc

Its very uncomfortable and painful. I have it 90% of the time. This horrible feeling inside multiplies due to spasms causing pain and bloated feeling. I enjoy the small amount of time pain is down, but never completely #0. I enjoy hanging with my family, I can't be very constructive and productive. it gives me opportunity to talk to my family. Eating out and barbecue at home is off limits for me. I dont digest food like I did before the accident. Can I turn this shooting into a positive? Everything happens for a reason, free will or karma Which one is it? I'm greatful the bullet didn't kill me. I'm stopping, the pain won for now, this is ridiculous, Be back later.


wendy said...

Your problem is not at all unusual. I have spinal cord injury with severe autonomic dysfunction for 34 years. I choke on food, liquids, and my own saliva all the time. It is difficult for me to eat when I am alone, because when I start choking, sometimes I cannot stop it. I carry hard candy or cough drops with me because if I get to the point where I can use it, it will reduce the mucus in my throat and shorten the episode and also soothe the scratchiness from the choking. I can not eat at restaurants because by the time the food comes my throat is swollen and I can't swallow. Basically, you have to seriously concentrate when you eat or drink to minimize episodes. Actually, spinal cord injury is all about adapting, modifying your behavior and making your environment user friendly to your specific limitations. It doesn't get better, but your get wiser and more adept at managing your condition and environment.

bamajeff61 said...

I'm sorry your having hard times as well. I been paralyzed for almost 15 yrs. It doesn't get easier. Have you noticed that? I wanted to start another business because I couldn't continue running mine. Professional Locksmith for 12 yrs. and Happy as I could be. The spasms and pain wont allow me to do much. I fight hard. I know there's something I can do to earn money. I need lots to get what I need. I was robbed unnecessarily. If I could situp long enough to record and mix miusic It would help so much. I tried everything. I guess I have to push on and hope it dont kill me. Tc Jeffrey Ramsey

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you, in all the matters that you speak of. I don't have any injury, especially of the magnitude that you have had to endure. I found your site through experience project. And I thought I would like to tell you about asparagus. The only reason I know of it is because of some slight liver issues and some history of cancer in my family. Here is a link for you to check out. One of the great things the information in this link doesn't mention is that it will keep you regular. I will take a 16 ounce can of Jolly Green Giant asparagus and blend it in a blender on high for eight to ten minutes then I drink it down ( I use a chip clip or a close pin on my nose)and drink it every morning. Before I started this my liver enzymes were elevated and now they are completely normal. After the first couple of days of starting this procedure and to this day I have very good bowel movements (quick and/or soft). I know it is far fetched and/or improbable to grasp, but it works for me and I hope it will work for you.

Jeffrey Ramsey said...

I'm sorry I haven't replied in a long time, I been fighting these horrible complications with all my senses and didn't have time to catch up and reply to everyone. Its the hardest I've had to fight, after being shot.