Thursday, October 20, 2011

I have many obstacles in my path, The worst spasms ive seen to date. If any good comes from this I'll post it, I'm alive and thankful

On day I'm going to help someone somehow. I helped a lot of people when I was practicing professional locksmithing. 14 yrs and I tried it in my Wheelchair, but the spasms and pain wouldn't allow me to continue. The man who paralyzed me didn't realize the consequences of that little bullet.....
 Enough damage to paralyze me but leave enough feeling to torture me, Its a unique tare. I took pride in what I accomplished, Something I was good at, Running my own business, I want to cry sometimes but I cant help myself if I'm crying and not fighting this. If your from Tuscaloosa, Alabama back in the 80s & 90s you would remember me. They called me J. R. If the people that owe me when I left could pay, I would appreciate it. I have to many obstacles in my way. I fought with all I had, and I'm getting old so my body can't fight back therefore my sores stopped healing. I can't make these special drs understand because they dont understand what they weren't taught. In depth. Someone thats paralyzed but still feels to much, but not enough to move my lower extremities, making every twist and turn extremely painful, electricity pulsing through my body causing extreme spams and pain. I can feel the food digest multiply it x 10 equal pain & extreme spasms. Not to mention the sores. I spasm to touch. I'm working on a letter or post that explains every little detail means so much. Money could motivate a lot more specialist and other ppl, if death don't come calling I still have a chance to relax one day.
I just started writing and this is my first blog. Time is poison for the cripples. I want back on top. Sasms, pain and sores are hell bent on killing me. We'll see. @jeffreylramsey
Pictures of Pressure sores Some of My Wound care progress


Duane said...

I know what you are going through. My SCI happened Sept 8, 2004. Dec 28, 2010 I went to the hospital for what I thought was a kidney stone and ended up paralyzed, unconscious and on a ventilator for 13 days with only a 13% chance of living. Small skin tear from staff dragging from stretcher to the bed ended up in a pressure ulcer that covered my entire buttocks. Once I woke up I could not move anything but my eyes and lips because I lost all muscle tone. Well I now have my strength back and the ulcer is a tiny spec that should close in a week or two god hoping. I still have EXTREME pain in my feet even though I have no feeling in them and cannot move them.

Best of luck to you.unbea

bamajeff61 said...

Hello Duane! I'm so sorry about your complications. Thats a scary story. You can't prepare for SCI. I never expected a bullet to ruin my life. I ask ppl how would they handle it. There reply: I'd rather be dead than live like you. The Inability to walk and feel my lower extremities and complications, but they try their best to convince me to be jolly happy. I cope the best I can, better than most from what I've seen. My spasms are the worst I've ever seen and Being paralyzed isn't as hard as the complications. I'm so busy trying to stay comfortable I rarely get anything accomplished. I thought I would be in better health by now, but happy I'm alive to see my family and friends. Wish I could earn money like before he shot me. It would change my life and speed up the healing process if thats possible. It's a bad time, I'm not always this negative. I do waste a lot of time, laying around doesn't mean your relaxing. Sitting still is impossible with extreme spasms. I pray you continue to heal and not have to lay or sit under stress all your life. It's hard on our bodies and mind. I'll try to be positive and I hope you can. I'm in pain, I apologize. Having an extreme spasm day. Jeff

Ashlyine Brooke said...